As many of you may already know, Christmas season is almost here and Celestial Gaming will be hosting various different fun and exciting events across the server! We have a few ideas and we will be accepting unique and reasonable suggestions if we deem them fit for our theme. Here are the ideas we currently have in mind:

  • Advent Calendar - Allows you to claim a prize once per day.
  • Secret Santa - Send a present to a certain player.
  • Snowball Fight - A large FFA or Team Snowball fights.
  • Build Contest - Christmas Themed Build Contest.


Thanks to our wonderful community, we've raised enough money to host a huge giveaway! An official forum post will be made when we've confirmed the prizes and rules, until then, feel free to leave suggestions on what you'd like for this giveaway. We will be giving away 1 Grand Prize and various smaller prizes. Make sure to stay updated about the giveaway using our Discord!


Lots has changed over the last few months. We have successfully finished our new spawn and tutorial area, and we are now working on major community events for all to enjoy. So expect the following in the next month:

  • Player Markets - Sell your items or promote personal services.
  • Minigames - Spleef Arena, Mob Arena, Snowball Fight, McDuels.