Thank you !! :)
Last I knew there were only 2 chests left. I had a home saved at each of the 20 chests, this is how I was able to check all chests at the end of the event.
I have the area still claimed, so I will make it /containertrust public. I have only one home saved there now. I will go there and post the coords here for all to see and go to if they want to continue the hunt. If you see me on, just yell and I can go there and tp you to it. Thanks for noticing the amount of work that went into that event. :-)

I enjoyed making it for the community, even without the help I was told would be there, I felt it was a great success!! :thumb: I really enjoyed watching chat and seeing so many players talking to each other, comparing notes to try and navigate the seemingly endless amount of tunnels looking for the remaining chests :p

Thank you again,

Forb :cool: