Hello! My name is EchoJX and I came to this server along with a handful of friends who were vacating a series of dead servers, most notably (for me anyway), the Omniverse. Some people from that server you might run into, other than myself, might be Zabyne, Talaena, Fragilezz, and dryvnace (my uncle).

My history in Minecraft started back during beta patch 1.2. After a while of playing on LAN with friends, we ended up finding a Towny/Economy/Jobs/MCMMO server called TeamChain. After donating for ranks, the owner ended up being corrupt and ran off with the money, shutting down the server. A former admin there decided that was messed up, so he restarted the server, so we donated again, and HE ran off with THAT money. After being burned twice, I discovered another similar server that was only a few weeks old at the time, called "MaM" or "Monuments and Mayhem." I met a ton of cool friends, built a lot of cool things, and the server grew exponentially. After only a few months, I joined their staff, and I was an on-again, off-again staffer there for over 5 years. In its prime, MaM eventually evolved into "OMM" or "Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse" (Octa is the owner), an amalgam of multiple server types, including various Towny/Eco servers, Factions, and Creative mode. In its entirety, the network had 150+ people on during peak hours. I moved on to lead a highly organized staff team of moderators (staff structure leads me to a suggestion I want to eventually make for this server), and all was well...

Then the Omniverse server came out.

It was a well-known fact that the economy on the original MaM/OMM servers was terribly broken due to inflation and illegally-obtained items flooding the economy. After a while, the few people who had the power to remove items and money from the economy - myself being one of them - could not keep up, and we needed a solution. Omni was that solution. Omniverse was intended to be the "super hard-mode" version of the previous Towny servers. This meant fundamental changes to the base game of Minecraft. Logs only convert to 1 plank instead of 4, cobblestone drop rates were about 1 in 10, and more. While my uncle and I loved this, as we felt the progression from "noob" to "god" was too fast, but the rest of the community hated it. While the economy was very healthy, and my uncle and I were pleased with how large builds felt like real accomplishments, the rest of the people kept playing old servers until it got old, staffers got frustrated with the lack of updates, and the server fell apart.

Today, OMM is a shell of what it once was. At one point, I was playing COMPLETELY ALONE on the network that at one time had over a hundred people on during peak hours. The owner got tired of running it at a loss, and it is basically in its death throes, but someone was kind enough to pay for one more year of hosting, so it is on life support right now... We really hope Celestial will be our new home, as it does have a lot of things we liked about OMM.

All that MC nonsense said, my RL name is Curt, I am 27 years old, and I work as a cable technician for a local provider. I have a wife and 2 kids and I have been a gamer since the age of 2, starting on the original NES playing Adventures of Lolo. Since then, I have progressed to semi-competitive speedgaming (speedrunning) and a lot of casual, variety streams on Twitch (click for my channel), where I try to stream at least every other night. About 11 years ago, I started casually learning basic game design using GML, and did not take it much further from there, but I did work on a Metroid fan game for a long time, on and off, in the top-down perspective. The project has since died because I could not get my website back, but I still jump in and work on things here and there when I am insufferably bored. Most of my days are spent gaming on Twitch and hanging out with the family (boring).

I really like the look of the server, and once I am better established, I hope to submit a good number of thought-out suggestions based on my experiences back on Omni to help improve Celestial.

See you in-game!
- Echo

Discord: EchoJX#1009
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/echojx

P.S.: I specialize in building in Deserts and loosely Egyptian-themed things. I use my own texture pack for this, and if you are interested in checking it out, click here. Note that the updated version might be quite different. It is a variation of Jungle Ruins which was discontinued years ago.