I was thinking that we don't have a town and last one we had, ppl didn't like it really, thats why it was empty. A ghost town.
So maybe ask players what they want and like about one town and then staff team will create a huge dream town, where peeps actually wanna live in. All that stuff, a magical forest, huge trees, natural landscape not flat, much nature, water streams, caves, banks, shops and markets, huge wheat lands, statues, nice biome, cozy, nice buildings. You can build your own or let it to be built for money. A prison, library, portals, farms. Something that calls people to live in that place
make some nessecery rules, how i got my town active was the : it must be your main living place. Rule. When they just build their home there and thats all, its going to be ghost town. When they build their main base, all they need is there and they build all other unnessecery bases at other places, then it'll be more active. Think about making the dream town, choose good location as well